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Welcome to Soulouk.com.
Our teams rebuild traditional sciences from the Koranic Revelation and the Prophetic Tradition (Sunnah). These Sciences have the following objectives:
- to help our men and women to live better by reminding them of their true and authentic nature;
- to build the pillars of a civilization that honours the Name of God;
- to confirm the Tradition established and transmitted by the Scholars, and to bring answers to the problems and challenges of today;


Soulouk: one word, several meanings

‘Soulouk’ is an Arabic word with a deep meaning, to which several definitions can be attributed.

‘Soulouk’ refers to the initiatory journey. In this, the members of Soulouk.com invite each and every one of us to dedicate our time and our lives to the discovery of ourselves and to the discovery of God.

‘Soulouk’ also refers to behaviour. This is why the members of Soulouk.com rely on Revelation and Sunnah to rebuild traditional sciences with the aim of highlighting the behaviour and attitudes that God expects from humanity, men & women. Indeed, these sciences aim to establish the behaviours that men and women must adopt in order to live better, and become true and respectable men and women in all dimensions of life.


Our teams are based in France and Morocco.

The Moroccan team is composed of our shaykh, sidi Mohammed Saidi & Moulay Ahmed.

The French team is composed of four members who are: Julien Yahya Barbe, Karim C., Jean-François Lacourt & Aurélien Lépine.

All the works on the Soulouk.com website are chaired and validated by the shaykh Mohammed Saidi. They are also the result of a meticulous and scrupulous joint work, in order to provide everyone with all the tools they need to improve their lives and their daily life. The site is therefore available in both French and Arabic, and you can switch from one to the other with a simple click on one of the two flags available at the bottom left of each page of the site.

The French team

Julien Yahya Barbe
Julien Yahya Barbe

During his studies, Julien Barbe experienced some unfortunate aspects of modern society, where the human being is often reduced to a number or a curve. His interest in Asian culture led him to exile in Japan, a country that harmonizes modern and traditional culture, where he worked as a translator in multimedia.

Parallel to his professional career, his travels brought him to an essential awareness of the shortcomings of modern society, deeply rooted from one end of the world to the other. The dramatic events in Fukushima were for him only a logical and unfortunate consequence of our present way of life. He was forced to return to France, where, with hindsight and fresh ideas, he joined a group of reflection and exchange around Tradition and Spirituality.

He then entered the field of Sufism, and more particularly the Shadhilite path, whose spirit he is now working to make accessible to the greatest number of people.

For the past 8 years, he has been learning Islamic medicine from Shaykh Saidi Mohammed, a complete and little-known medicine that combines spirituality, psychology, nutrition and the art of living. He is also interested in the different alternative medicines, and in the different solutions that contribute to the fulfilment of all. It is with this state of mind that he obtained his naturopathic certificate, and that he continues his research as well as his apprenticeship.


Karim C.
Karim C.

Karim C. began his quest for authentic Islam in his late teens. He was looking for the peace and serenity he felt as a child when his parents took him to spend a few days in Morocco in the hamlet of Pole Moulay ’Abd as-Salam Ibn Machich. Not having found this again in the Muslim circles of his town and region in France, he turned to the internet in search of a more spiritual Islam, less literalist than what he had encountered until then in France.

When he discovered the science of the Letters and Enlightenment of the Koran, he was touched by this science and decided to go to Morocco, in 2009, to the shaykh Mohammed Saidi who teaches this knowledge, as well as to Senegal to meet the wise men of our time. His meeting with Shaykh Mohammed was decisive for him, because he finally found what he had felt years earlier in Jabal Alam, during the visit of Ibn Machich. Since then, he has been following the teachings of Shaykh Mohammed Saidi and has been walking more deeply in the path of Wisdom.

At the same time, he pursued university studies and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages. At the request of Shaykh Mohammed Saidi, he undertook the translation of the book Iqad Al Himam (‘The Awakening of Spiritual Aspirations’) by Shaykh Ibn ’Ajiba and is working on several other projects around Islam and spirituality. 


Jean-François Lacourt
Jean-François Lacourt

After training as an engineer, Jean-François Lacourt began a career in information technology, with many trips around the world, particularly in Asia and North America.

The discovery of René Guénon, Martin Lings, or other more classical authors such as Abu Hamid al Ghazali, provoked in him an upheaval of consciousness from which he gradually revisited his view of the world. He then approached groups for exchanges on wisdom and spirituality, and then turned to the traditional Sufi path, whose teachings he shares with those around him.


Aurélien Lépine
Aurélien Lépine

Deeply concerned with history and mysticism, Aurélien was very early in his life, rubbing shoulders with Sufi disciples whose words turned his life upside down. In the course of their discussion, the wisdom and depth of the words expressed by the Tradition sounded in him as a matter of course. He knew that this was the path he had to take.

As time went by, his curiosity became more acute and he invested in other fields such as traditional medicine. His desire and thirst for spirituality led him to meet the working circle formed around the Shaykh Mohammed Saidi, whose teachings he is currently following.



Regarding the contents of the Soulouk.com website:

The content of the site is made voluntarily by its members or by fellow sympathizers who wish to share with us the Soulouk.com adventure. It is made available free of charge by its authors who can reuse it as they wish within the framework of intellectual property standards.